Personal reflection about funambulism that leads to an editorial project full of metaphors and exploration.

The briefing was a single word, Mobility. It came to my mind the people who were born to open our eyes, whose steps make us dream and celebrate life. Funambulists. But not the kind of funambulist that falls in a safe net below. Philipe Petit and Dean Potter were two of these people. Circus artist and climber brought their feet where nobody had been before. They walked the air.

This thought turns into a book divided into 4 books joined with a thin line that represents the rope. Each book shows different aspects of this spontaneous funambulism. Why did they do it, what were they thinking, the story behind and the consequences. And each of these books has a concept behind; depth, freedom and awakening.

This poetic book and its thoughts had also their impact on the streets.