Creating a recognisable and own-able packaging and bringing a small piece of Perú.

A chocolate brand asked to design a whole range of Fair Trade chocolates made in Perú.

The Lama is the most representative animal from Perú, means of transportation for centuries and a very likeable and kind animal for a lot of people. Because of this features, we came up with the idea of using it as a symbol for these chocolates, making the Lama bring the main flavour of each product.

In order to make the image more “funky and cool”, we created some handmade custom lettering that adapts to both the shape of the Lama and the pack, making it shine and bringing impactful colours.

A very recognisable and own-able pack that brings a “cool” chocolate 100% Made in Perú.

Concept developed at Positivity Branding

Illustration of the lama by Yohan Sacre